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What are the CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scrapers made of?

CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scrapers are made of BC sourced cedar.

Do I need to treat my CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper with anything?

Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, weathering and decay so you don’t need any coatings. Wetting the scraper with water before or during will aid in cleaning and prolong your scrapers life.

How do I know if the CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper is right for my grill?

Generally, as long as your grill grates are straight, the CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper should work on your grill. Because the size and shape of all grill grates vary by manufacturer, the Chipeze® Barbecue Scraper may groove faster and/or deeper on some grills than it will on others.

How long will it take for my CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper to start grooving?

The grooves will start to form during the first heated use.  Although they start small, as you continue to use the CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper the grooves will get deeper and deeper, eventually wrapping around the top and sides of the grill grates.

How long will my CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper last?

Longevity is also determined by how much you use your CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper.

How do I clean my CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper after use?

Unlike conventional wire brushes, the CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper can be cleaned by simply wiping the charred debris off the tip with a paper towel, cloth or napkin. You can dip it in water to improve performance and avoid smouldering.

Is the CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper safe for porcelain coated grill grates?

Yes, because the CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper is made of softwood, there are no metal bristles or metal scrapers to chip, crack or scratch delicate cooking surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic, or others.

How do I clean the sides or bottom of my grill grates?

To clean the sides of the BBQ grill grates, simply turn the CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper at an angle to reach in between the grates.  To clean the bottom of the grates, flip the grates over and use the CHIPEZE® Barbecue Scraper as normal.


What kind of wood is in the CHIPEZE® Barbecue Smokers?

CHIPEZE® Barbecue Smokers are available with apple wood, cherry wood, whiskey oak, cedar and mesquite.

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